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About Us

As we head into the 21st Century the future is hard to see. It always is. We have many advantages and many impediments unique to this moment in time, and it will be time alone that will tell what kind of world will emerge. The best course of action in uncharted terrain is to make sure there is StandardProgress.

Inch by inch, step by step, if you’re a little further along from where you started, you’ve made progress. And if you do that every day – step by step, inch by inch  – then your progress becomes standard and you’ll get to where you belong.

But you always need tools. You always need solid information, expert opinion and the support of a like-minded community support to take you down the road, and that what this website is all about: showing you a world of StandardProgress so you can make your Progress Standard.

Let us know how we’re doing.

-The Staff at StandardProgress