Cannabis Consumers Looking For A Job In 2020?

Here’s A Few Things You Need To Know

[DTN] Jan 3  If you smoke marijuana and you’re looking for a job in 2020 you need to know a few new rules of the game. For years cannabis consumers had three separate ways to secretly pass a urinalysis, but modern drug test companies have now caught up with the adulterants that can mask a dirty urine and with that dilutions that can render THC metabolites undetectable. Among the three methods, only substitution – switching urine samples in the stall – continues to provide a practical solution. 

Dilutions and adulterants were never very effective in the first place. Twenty years ago a wide variety of chuggable drinks and adulterant “spikes” worked about half the time, and still offered the best chance of passing a workplace urinalysis. The dilutions were disguised as a colon-cleanse that were sold at your local health food store or you could choose from a wide variety online. Urine substitution was less popular because it required a bit more stealth in the stall and because clean urine typically was never sold in local stores. 

But over the years the drug test companies developed improved methods of detection. and the odds of passing a whiz quiz using one of  those methods decreased significantly. Around 2014 big time drug test providers like Quest Diagnostics began offering Specimen Validity Tests (SVTs) to make sure the tests were tamper proof. The chuggables and spikes became far less effective, and no one noticed that the odds had drastically changed because using those products was always a crap-shoot in the first place.

In 2017 Dr. Barry Sample, the senior director for science and technology at Quest, wrote a company blog that championed that use of SVTs. “We continue to be pioneers in specimen validity testing,” he wrote, but he also explained that there were limits as to what his science could do.” 

“If synthetic urine can be successfully substituted for real urine in the privacy of the collection site restroom, unfortunately there is often little that can be done,” he admitted.

So if you smoke weed and are looking for a job in 2020, your best bet barring abstinence is substituting clean or synthetic urine for your THC-tainted pee. The old ways simply won’t work anymore. Even though they continue to be to be available on the internet or even on the shelves in in your health food store. dilutions and adulterants are a thing of the past. 

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