Testing for Weed is Sooooo 20th Century!

Employers Begin To See The Pale Green Light

(DTN)  At the dawn of the new year Nevada became the first state in the nation to ban pre-employment marijuana tests.  And on May 10, New York City will become the first U.S. city to prohibit employers from considering pre-employment cannabis test results. 

One city; one state; many more to come. 

Of course, there will be exceptions to each of these laws. Safety-sensitive positions like cops and cab drivers will continue to be tested for the big bad weed, and applicants who apply for jobs that are regulated by the Feds or by the Department of Transportation will still need to pass a  whiz quiz.

But the advent of medical cannabis and the arrival of over-21, recreational weed has further complicated workplace drug testing from the factory to the football field and far beyond. 

A few weeks ago the NFL Players Association sent its members a memo promising that “significant modifications” to the NFL’s drug-test policy will soon be announced.

No details were given, but these modifications are expected to include changes to the NFL’s antiquated marijuana policy, similar to recent updates announced by Major League Baseball.

In December, MLB removed cannabis from its list of “drugs of abuse” and announced that “going forward, marijuana related-conduct will be treated the same as alcohol-related conduct.”

Previously, team members who came up positive for weed faced a $35,000 fine per violation. Now, ballplayers who blaze will simply be subject to a mandatory evaluation and offered an option for treatment if needed.

Just. Like. Alcohol.

From the bullpen to the boardroom, cannabis is being retconned for the 21st Century. The drug test companies will have no recourse but to cry foul because a lion’s share of their profits comes from catching cannabis consumers.

That part of their cash flow will dry to a drizzle as more employers realize that weed, unlike opiates, ain’t no big deal. 

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