NORML Launches Smoke the Vote

“It’s simple. No one deserves to be treated as a second class citizen because they responsibly consume marijuana.” –

With the upcoming elections mere months away, NORML has launched a politi-wiki of sorts in its new database of local elected officials and their positions on marijuana law.

The comprehensive database can be easily accessed by visiting and entering one’s home address to discover who your local representatives are, how they’ve voted on cannabis laws in the past, and details on any marijuana legislation that has passed through their hands. 

Each politician is also graded on their 420-friendliness and users of the site are encouraged to add their own ratings as well as any additional information pertaining to the person’s cannabis dossier.

“We encourage you to join us in our efforts to build this new and comprehensive platform. For those of you who can donate your time, we thank you in advance.” –

To read more about the Smoke the Vote project, visit NORML

To see YOUR local officials and their positions on pot, visit

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