The U.S. Supreme Court, citing the administrative search exception, finds a limited application of suspicionless government drug testing constitutional for the first time.

The United States Supreme Court, citing the administrative search exception, finds constitutional a Custom Service program requiring all Custom Service employees seeking promotions to certain “sensitive positions ” to submit to urinalysis regardless of whether thereexisted probable cause or individualized suspicion of drug use. The testing policy had the potential to infringe upon the Fourth Amendment rights of over 120,000 Federal employees despite statements from the Commissioner for the Customs Service maintaining that the workplace was “largely drug-free” to begin with. Affirming the state’s interest in maintaining a drug-free workplace and the protection of “truly sensitive information” over the individual interests of its employees, the Court reasoned that those individual seeking employment in sensitive positions must assume diminished expectations of privacy. With this decision the Court demonstrated that urinalysis would now be upheld even when there is no suspicion of drug use at all.

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