Which Cities Drug Test The Most?

[DTN] The landscape for workplace drug testing in the U.S. continues to evolve. There are so many fresh details and new developments every day that it’s hard to keep track.

What do medical cannabis laws and over-21 use mean to employers who want to test and the employees who want to pass? There is no straight answer.

Some states build patient protections into their cannabis laws, and other states encourage – nay revel in – the Cache 22. New drug test technologies keep popping up every few years, and each one takes a turn in the spotlight; but urinalysis abides. The piss test endures. Everyone and everything – even hair, sweat, saliva or breath – ultimately needs to be confirmed by a whiz quiz – so far.

Even experts use the words “drug screen” and “drug test” interchangeably – – but there is a world of difference.  The drug test is a show pony: more expensive, more accurate, it takes more time and is harder to cheat.  The drug screen, in comparison, is a workhorse: less expensive, less accurate, fast, fast, fast and easier to fool.

A pre-employment drug test is more often an inexpensive screen and if you fail the screen you simply won’t be offered the job. Once hired, however, the rules change. Far fewer employers require regular drug screens once you’ve been hired, but those who do have to send a positive screen out for a confirmatory test before they can screw with your job. 

So, screens are less expensive and more popular than tests. Even though the overall practice of workplace drug scrutiny is generally slowing down, there are still plenty of jobs in every city that require pre-employment tests and post-employment screens. Or vice versa. It doesn’t matter. Either way, you will be pissing in a cup

Location counts. 

Location determines the odds of you being tested at all.

Below is a current list (2019) of U.S. cities that have the most jobs requiring a pre-employment drug test.

Not surprisingly, Washington D.C., crawling with feds, had the highest number. Denver, where cannabis culture thrives, came in second with over 500 fewer jobs requiring pre-employment tests.

Among the top 10 cities requiring pre-employment drug tests, 4 of those cities are in California, the stoniest state of them all.

Cities with Most Jobs Requiring Pre-Employment Drug Tests

Cities with Most Jobs Requiring Drug Screening

Here’s a list of cities that have the most jobs requiring regular drug screening.

Although far fewer jobs require regular screening once you’ve been hired, Washington D.C. still led the pack, and, again, four of the top ten cities requiring regular drug screening fell in California.

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